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General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications
General Chemistry
Principles and Modern Applications
Eighth Edition
Ralph H. Petrucci
California State University, San Bernadino
William S. Harwood
Indiana University, Bloomington
F. Geoffrey Herring
University of British Columbia

Companion Website Author
Narayan S. Hosmane
Northern Illinois University

Welcome to the Companion Website for General Chemistry! Students and professors can use this site as an aid to your chemistry course. Pick a chapter below and click Begin.

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Key Features

  • Practice Quizzes: Here you will find multiple choice Practice Quizzes. The Explorer, Progressor, and Master Quizzes are increasingly difficult, allowing you to test your level of knowledge for this chapter. Hints tell you how to get started on a problem, and you'll get instantaneous feedback on your answer once you submit your quiz.
  • Web Resources: We've compiled a list of especially helpful web links appropriate to the course as a whole, and to each chapter specifically.
  • 3D Molecule Center: Using the Chime™ plug-in, you can "handle" 3-dimensional models of molecules. This is sometimes the best way to understand how molecular geometry affect behavior.
  • Reference Center: Here is a compendium of useful tables and data for answering questions.
  • Student Tutorials: The dynamic, interactive elements referred to by margin icons and in eMedia Exercises in your book are listed here by chapter section.

How Students Can Use This Website

The practice quizzes here provide instant feedback for your answers, helping you to understand quickly the right way to think about the problems. Use them as preparation for your homework assignments and exams. (Your professor might even assign these quizzes as your homework!) Use the 3D Molecule Center and the Student Tutorials module as a visual reinforcement for some of the geometric concepts explained in the book. Use the Web Resources module to do web-based research or homework for the topics in each chapter.

How Instructors Can Use This Website

Use the Syllabus Manager to distribute online and offline assignments. You can use the practice exercises and quizzes here as homework sets that will be automatically graded for you, and the results sent to you by email. For example, assign a Explorer Quiz set before starting a chapter in lecture to encourage students to do preparatory reading; the results of the automatic grading will also show you which topics students found difficult and need special emphasis in class. Use the Web Resources area to assign special web-based research questions. Use the 3D Molecule Center and the Student Tutorials projected in lecture to illustrate difficult or highly visual concepts.

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