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Biology of Microorganisms
Eighth Edition

Madigan, Martinko and Parker
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


This on-line study guide is a companion to the text Biology of Microorganisms, eighth edition by Madigan, Martinko, and Parker. The original hard copy form was written by Allan Konopka (Purdue University), and was revised for the seventh edition by Ronald Turco (Purdue University). The study guide was revised for the eighth edition and prepared for on-line presentation by Robert Andrews, Iowa State University. Each chapter of the study guide corresponds to the correct chapter in the text.

The on-line version contains an Introduction including a chapter overview and chapter notes. The Introduction highlights most of the important concepts in the chapter. The Key Words and Phrases section reviews the major vocabulary to be gained in the chapter and includes text references. The Multiple Choice section contains a self-test that will be graded for the student. The Discussion section contains a series of essay questions that may be sent to your instructor for grading. Finally, the Destinations section contains some interesting World Wide Web sites that relate to the material contained in the chapter.

Microbiology has been an important science for the past 100 years in that it has provided the means to control a number of infectious diseases and the experimental systems for the development of molecular biology. New developments in biotechnology and environmental microbiology indicate that microbiology will continue to be an exciting field of study in the future, and it is our hope that this study guide is an aid to your learning about this science.

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