Chapter 1: Abnormal Psychology
Multiple Choice I


Individuals suffering from poor mental health are likely to exhibit all of the following symptoms EXCEPT


Which term represents the ability to modify behavior in response to changing environmental requirements?


What is the guiding principle of this abnormal psychology text?


According to Garmezy (1993), what are the three dimensions of resiliency?


An epidemiologist would be LEAST likely to be concerned with:


Which mental health professional is most likely to be concerned with the link between the person who displays maladaptive behavior and his or her current home environment?


Deinstitutionalization originated because of all of the following EXCEPT:


A "good" theory


Which type of research design is most likely to yield information that one variable causes another?


All of the following are disadvantages of a longitudinal research design EXCEPT:


A researcher is interested in studying age-related changes in violent behavior. The researcher observes the behavior of a group of second graders and compares it to the behavior of a group of fifth graders. What type of research design is this researcher utilizing?


Which of the following terms is NOT a descriptive statistic?


A(n) __________ research design has an advantage over other research designs in that the experimenter can manipulate certain variables to determine their effect on other variables.


Dr. Smith designs an experiment to investigate the effects of different types of therapeutic intervention in treating depression. She randomly assigns individuals who come to a psychology clinic to be treated for depression into one of three different types of therapy and measures their progress after a three week period. In this study, the independent variable is:


__________ are features of research situations that give participants information about how they are expected to behave.

Note: answer choices in this exercise are randomized.

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