Chapter 12: Sculpture
Compare & Contrast


Compare and contrast Cai Guo Qiang’s Borrowing Your Enemy’s Arrows with Bessie Harvey's Snake Through the Eye. How does their use of mixed media affect their work? Which artist do you think most effectively used mixed media?


Compare and contrast Julio González’s use of welded sculpture with Deborah Butterfield’s. How do their surfaces differ? Does the final surface affect the content of the works? Why?


Compare and contrast Duane Hanson’s Guard with Charles Ray’s Self-Portrait. Which do you feel is most successful? Why?


Kinetic sculpture is said to move. Is Nam June Paik's Internet Dweller a kinetic sculpture? Defend you position.


Robert Arneson said, "I want to make 'high' art that is outrageous, while revealing the human condition which is not always high." What did he mean by "high" art? Why would he make this statement? Do you think that art can be taken seriously when it is humorous? Defend your position.

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