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Spanish as a World Language
Third Edition

Matilde O. de Castells
Emerita, California State University, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Guzmán
College of Saint Benedict, St. John's University

Paloma Lapuerta
Central Connecticut State University

Carmen García
Arizona State University

Welcome to the online study guide to accompany Mosaicos, Spanish as a World Language, Third Edition!

Features of this site include:

  • Instantly scored tutorial activities for the vocabulary and structures presented in each chapter.
  • Guided web exploration activities based on the topic and cultural focus of each chapter.
  • Weblinks to support the in-text Para navegar web activities.
  • An interactive version of the text's Enfoque cultural presentation with weblinks for the further cultural exploration.
  • A Fortunas contest homepage with contest information, links to help solve the misterios, videoclips, and viewer polls.
  • Weblinks for finding Spanish-speaking "key-pals".
  • Web resources for on-line help with vocabulary and grammar.
  • Cultural, language, and professional web resources for Spanish instructors.

Visit this site when you want to practice and explore the materials presented in Mosaicos, Spanish as a World Language, Third Edition.

Please note that this Companion Website makes extensive use of accented letters and other special characters. For help using these features, click here.

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Special thanks to our web authors:
Eric Jewell
Truman State University

Fortunas Contest Homepage
Rob Reynolds
University of Oklahoma

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