Can Aromas Affect Our Moods?
Can different aromas affect your mood? To find out, let's look at some experimental results. Roberts and Williams (1992) reported that when participants were asked to visualize positive and negative scenes while under the influence of a pleasant, positive aroma (chamomile), negative scenes were judged as less negative and recall of the number of positive scenes increased. Likewise, Todrank, Byrnes, Wrzesniewski, and Rozin (1995) found that when participants were presented with "liked and disliked" aromas, they shifted their preferences for people in photographs appropriately. Both these studies indicate that odors can influence our moods and appraisal of other people. Experiments with infants, conducted by Verendi, Christensson, Porter, and Winberg (1998), showed that the link between odors and mood is established very early in life.

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