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Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy Fourth Edition

Frederic H. Martini,
Michael J. Timmons
Bob Tallitsch

This, the Companion Website to your textbook, contains a collection of resources to help you both enjoy and excel at your study of Human Anatomy. Each chapter includes an Introduction with a review of chapter objectives and relevant page numbers from the text. Probably the most exciting improvement in this edition of the Website is the expansion of the review tools. Within each chapter of the Website you will find a set of Basic Review Quizzes and a set of Advanced Review Quizzes. The format of these quizzes is diverse and includes multiple choice, matching, fill-in, labeling, and essay questions. In addition, each chapter includes links to interesting World Wide Web sites that relate to the material contained in your textbook. Finally, the Net Search section provides links to search engines and lists some key search terms relating to the chapter, to facilitate your own further exploration of topics of interest to you.

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This text-specific Companion Website is designed to enhance the text and offer options for self-testing and exploration. This edition of the Website has been further enhanced by the inclusion of art labeling exercises that enable students to reinforce their visual understanding of the human body. Basic and Advanced Self-grading quizzes and critical-thinking questions allow students to test their knowledge. Destinations offer hot-links to relevant Websites by chapter. Free access is gained to the Website through the use of a PIN code found at the front of the textbook.

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