Chapter 4: Social Interaction in Everyday Life
Sites to See

Sites to See
Visit the interactive Web site that accompanies this text. Begin by clicking on the cover of your book. You will find a chapter-by-chapter study guide, practice tests, chat room, and many suggested Web links.
Many interesting patterns of everyday life involve names. This Census Bureau Web site has a search engine for names. Study the frequency of different last names (or investigate first names) in the U.S. population. What patterns can you find? How many others share your own name?
Is it possible to build a machine capable of human interaction? That is the goal of robotics engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; this Web site provides details and photographs. Look over their work and think about issues raised in this chapter. In what ways are machines able, and unable, to mimic human behavior?

Ethnomethodology site provides general information and research on the topic.

This site
on Goffman is maintained by T.R. Young provides some general information on Goffman and his scholarly work on social interaction.

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