Chapter 8: Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Tests of Hypothesis
Quiz 2


The owner of Get-A-Away Travel has recently surveyed a random sample of 250 customers of the agency. He would like to determine whether or not the mean age of the agency customers is over 25. If so, he plans to alter the destination of the special cruises and tours. If not, no changes will be made. The appropriate hypotheses are .

If he concludes the mean age is over 25 when it is not, he makes a ________ error. If he concludes the mean age is not over 25 when it is, he makes a ________ error.


How many Kleenex should the Kimberly Clark Corporation package of tissues contain? Researchers determined that 60 tissues is the average number of tissues used during a cold. Suppose a random sample of 10000 Kleenex users yielded the following data on the number of tissues used during a cold: . Give the null and alternative hypothesis to determine if the number of tissues used during a cold is less than 60.


A bottling company needs to produce bottles that will hold 12 ounces of liquid for a local brewery. Periodically, the company gets complaints that their bottles are not holding enough liquid. To test this claim, the bottling company randomly samples 15 bottles and finds the average amount of liquid held by the 15 bottles is 11.80 ounces with a standard deviation of 0.2 ounces. Which of the following is the set of hypotheses the company wishes to test?


A local eat-in pizza restaurant wants to investigate the possibility of starting to deliver pizzas. The owner of the store has determined the home delivery will be successful if the average time spent on the deliveries does not exceed 38 minutes. The owner has randomly selected 15 customers and has delivered pizzas to their homes. What assumption is necessary for the test above to be valid?


A researcher randomly sampled 30 graduates of an MBA program and recorded data concerning their starting salaries. Of primary interest to the researcher was the effect of gender on starting salary. The mean salaries of the males and females in the sample were compared using the ASP software package. The results are shown below.

The researcher was attempting to show, statistically, that the male MBA graduates have a significantly higher mean starting salary than the female MBA graduates. What assumptions for this test of hypothesis are necessary?


The business college computing center wants to determine the proportion of business students who have personal computers (PCs) at home. If the proportion exceeds 30 percent, then the lab will scale back a proposed enlargement of its facilities. Suppose 250 business students were randomly sampled and 85 have PCs at home. What is the point estimate that will be used to estimate the true proportion of the students who have PCs at home?


I want to test vs. using a test of hypothesis. This test would be called a(n) ____________ test.


I want to test vs. using a test of hypothesis. If we concluded that p is .7 when, in fact, the true value of p is not .7, then we have made a ______________.


Researchers have claimed that the average number of headaches during a semester of Statistics is 14. Statistics professors dispute this claim vehemently. Statistic professors believe the average is much more than this. They sample n = 13 students and find the sample mean is 16 and sample standard deviation is 2.0. Which of the following represent the null and alternative hypothesis that the professors wish to test?


A __________ is a numerical quantity computed from the data of a sample and is used in reaching a decision on whether or not to reject the null hypothesis.

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