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There are many resources available on the World Wide Web that go into more depth on the topics we cover. Visit the following sites for additional information on this chapter's topics.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to e-Business and e-Commerce
Please check this site for daily updates, corrections and additional resources for all Deitel & Associates, Inc. publications.
Learn the Net is a Web site containing a complete overview of the Internet, the World Wide Web and the underlying technologies. The site contains information that can help Internet and Web novices get started.
The W3C home page is a comprehensive description of the Web and where it is headed. The World Wide Web Consortium is an international joint effort with the goal of overseeing the development of the World Wide Web. The goals of the W3C are divided into categories: User Interface Domain, Technology and Society Domain, Architecture Domain and Web Accessibility Initiatives. For each Internet technology with which the W3C is involved, the site provides a description of the technology and its benefits to Web designers, the history of the technology and the future goals of the W3C in developing the technology. Topics discussed on the site include Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Document Object Model (DOM), multimedia, graphics, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). This site is of great benefit for understanding the standards of the World Wide Web. Each of these topics is discussed (at various levels of depth) in this book.
This site provides an overview of the Internet and its population.

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Chapter 2: Storefront Model
One of the first brick-and-mortar companies to make a large-scale commitment to the Web, Barnes & Noble sells books, e-books, CDs and software on their Web site using the shopping cart technology.
Moviefone enhances its offline efforts by allowing people to buy advance tickets to movies from its Web site. Visitors can also view movie trailers, read cast interviews and get the latest movie reviews.
This company sells new, used a refurbished its often at half the cost from its Web site. You can buy products from the site or sell used items to

Auction Model
This site is one of the most well known and successful sites on the Web. The site give average people the chance to sell their items on the Internet.
This site is an auction portal, providing links to other auctions and specific products being auctioned at various sites online.
Freeserve is one of the UK's most popular Web sites. FSauctions is the freeserve auction site.

Portal Model
Google is an advanced search engine that rank search results based on the true popularity of the Web site. The more people that follow a link to a particular site, the higher the site will appear in a search.
Yahoo is a full scale portal allowing people to search the Web using a traditional search engine, by browsing specific categories. Yahoo! also offers games, e-business solutions and free e-mail.
AltaVista is one of the most widely visited sites on the Web. It is a full-scale search portal providing targeted links and a search bar.

Name-Your-Price Model
The originator and patent holder of the name-your-price model, gives customers the ability to name their price for travel arrangements and scores of other products and services.
Finding low-priced tickets to concerts and theater is often difficult, this site gives people the ability to bid for a lower price on their tickets.
Textbooks can be expensive, this site allows people to name-their-price for text books.

Comparison-Pricing Model uses the comparison pricing model to sell products through its Web site. The site also hosts newsgroups on a broad range of topics.
People interested in building a computer or upgrading their current system will find the lowest prices on computer equipment on this price comparison Web site. was one of the first sites to offer comparison-pricing services. The site will find lower prices on a broad range of retail products including consumer electronics, software, books, camera equipment, toys and more.

Demand-Sensitive Pricing Model
One of the originators of the group-buying model on the Internet, this site will drop the price as the number of its sold to the group increases.
A competitor of Mercata, Mobshop also lowers prices as group buying increases.
This site gives visitors a chance to buy products at a lower price buy buying with a group.

Bartering Model
This site facilitates B@B transactions by allowing members to trade assets through the Web site.
This site allows business to sell virtually any product in return for Trade dollars. These Trade dollars can be used to purchase other products on the Bigvine Web site.
Automotive parts and equipment, advertising, office supplies and retail products are among the products available to trade on this Web site.

This site provides electronic rebates on popular products available on its site.
This site is a competitor to ebates and allows customers to get rebates and incentives on purchase made through the eCentives Web site.

Free Products and Services
This search engine offers visitors links to thousands of free products and services on the Web.
Killerfreebies offers links to free software, clothing, wedding supplies, server space and a large number of free products and services.
Startsampling will send members free product samples in return for filling out short questionnaires. People can also win free samples by participating in contests and quizzes.

Click-and-Mortar Businesses
Compusa combines its online and offline efforts to provide the best possible service to its customers. A full product catalog is available from the Web site.
Circuit City allows customers to pick up products purchased online in its brick-and-mortar stores.

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Chapter 3: Writing a Business Plan
This site offer the Small Business and Business Start-Ups tutorial, designed to help students develop a business plan.
Mindspring Biz offers a tutorial with sample questions to ask yourself when designing a business plan.
Adarus offers free business plan development software.

Web Hosting
This site provides Web-hosting services.
This site provides Web-site hosting on a server completely dedicated to your site.
This site provides 30 days of free Web-site hosting. It offers colocation and redundant connections. Servers and facilities are monitored on a 24-by-7 basis. A facility tour (Flash or RealPlayer) is provided.
This site provides dedicating and shared Web-site hosting.
This is Intel's Web hosting and e-business services site.
This site provides managed Web-site hosting with 24-by-7 support.
DataReturn provides advanced Web hosting, application hosting and Microsoft Exchange hosting.

Directory of Web-site Hosting Services
IBM's small-business Web-hosting, Web-access and e-mail site.

e-Business Consulting
The Deloitte and Touche consulting services Web site.
The Web site for a consulting and development firm called Plural.
This company provides e-business strategy, a call center, customer profiling, direct marketing and content management services.
This is the Cap Gemini management consulting, systems transformation and information systems management Web site.
mySAP is an e-business solutions provider. Users can access daily activities, responsibilities and information. Online demonstrations are available for most services.

Strategy/Marketing Solutions
KMGI provides interactive media for e-commerce sites. Presentations and demonstrations are available for viewing.
This site provides content management services.
This site hosts the ZOOM Server Software, allowing users to view pictures of products in more detail.
This site hosts the ImagePump Software, which operates in a manner similar to ZOOM.
This site provides Web-based database applications. An online tutorial to help you build your own database is available.
This site provides Internet content management services.
Genuity is an e-business solutions provider of networking, hosting and security applications. It was formerly known as GTE Internetworking and BBN.
Answerthink helps businesses evolve with technical advancements. It provides marketing and branding, Web development and e-commerce services.

e-Business Solutions
This end-to-end e-business solution includes everything from building an e-business and choosing domain name, to finding an insurance package and automating payroll.
This site provides end-to-end e-business solutions. Marketing, online payments and searching capabilities are among the solutions provided.
OpenAir's PSA (Professional Services Automation) Service automates scheduling, expenses, invoicing and other essential business tasks.
This site provides automatic real-time database and file backup services.
Hewlett-Packard's WebQoS (Quality of Service) prevents slow service and denial-of-service attacks. Security is discussed in greater detail in Chapter 7, Internet Security.
This site provides accounting and business management solutions.
This site provides e-commerce, knowledge management and assistance for Microsoft products.
The services offered by this site include e-business software that provides a complete infrastructure for online business.
NetSetGo is a provider of Internet professional services, such as application design, marketing strategies and Web-site hosting.
This site provides service solutions for designing, constructing and extending business.
This site provides Web-based sales management, allowing users to share sales information.
This site offers services that help improve the performance, reliability and security of large, complex Web sites.
This site provides e-business marketplace solutions, integration and consulting.
Vignette makes software that assists businesses in managing and publishing content on the Internet.
Vitts provides high-speed Internet access, Web-site hosting, outsourcing and network services.
Level8's software integrates IT systems to increase organization and corporate efficiency.
SiteROCK manages your Web site on a 24-by-7 basis to keep it up and running.

Free Turnkey Solutions
The free portion of the site's services include home-page design, the ability to make site corrections and use of the site's educational resources.
This site provides a free turnkey solution for building an online store and offers hosting, store-building capabilities and a shopping-cart model at no cost to the user.
BigStep walks a user through the process of building a Web site. It covers building a home page, registering with search engines and accepting credit-card transactions.

Fee-Based Turnkey Solutions
This site offers its SiteBuilder tool for creating Web sites and provides several preset page layouts.
CommerceOne offers a commercial solution that allows companies to set up their own B2B exchanges.
Virtual Spin offers a full range of e-commerce services including designing and implementing all of the infrastructure necessary to run an e-business.
AbleCommerce's AuctionBuilder 1.0 software allows users to build their own online auction sites. The software can be customized to meet the needs of specific e-businesses.
Yahoo! Store charges a monthly fee based on the number of items you want to sell. It simplifies the process of creating an online store. All the features you need to set up a complete e-commerce site are included.

Building and Managing a Web Site
Homestead allows users to select a template and add features to design their own free starter site.
This site hosts an application that allows users to build their own storefronts in a few hours. There is a monthly fee for hosting the sites.
Webvision will help you build your Web site as well as manage and maintain it.
This site is a small-business portal site, with links to localized business journals.
Broadvision offers support and consulting services, such as customer relationship management (Chapter 10, e-Customer Relationship Management), billing and transaction automation.
New Mediary helps Internet businesses locate one another. It provides free listings for your business.
Channel Web is a portal for solution providers. The site offers B2B product pricing, news and reviews.
Mercury Interactive offers Web-site monitoring services that track the site from the viewer's perspective, examining aspects such as download times and transaction times.
Holistix provides Web-site management services and operates as a solutions provider.
Outsource Group allows users to monitor their human resources services.
Employease helps businesses manage their employees. An online demonstration, that walks the user through screen shots of the service is available.
This site provides technical support to your employees or your customers, both on your Web site and off-line. A free tour of its services is provided.
This site is a corporate domain-name registration service. The site provides Domain Lockdown™, an additional security feature that helps to prevent hackers or other third parties from altering your registration information.

Domain-Name Registration
This site enables users to search for, and register a domain name.
NetworkSolutions allows users to choose a domain name, as well as build and maintain a Web site.
When visiting this site, users can buy, sell or receive an appraisal on the value of their Web site.
Internet users can visit this site to register a domain name.

Rare Medium offers a variety of e-business solutions in addition to its incubation services.
eCorporation offers a variety of design and development incubation services.
This incubator has launched eBay, and Netzero as well as many other successful online ventures.
eHatchery offers full-service incabation services.

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Chapter 4: General
This site is an online magazine devoted to the Internet economy. E-commerce is among the subject headings and it provides a list of links to various electronic payment systems.
A list of links to various electronic payment systems is provided at this site.
This site provides Internet economic data. It is intended for people interested in learning about the Internet economy.
The Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Web site.

Credit–Card Payment
CyberCash enables e-merchants to accept credit-card payments online. The company also offer an e-wallet technology and an online bill-paying service.
iCat enables merchants to accept credit cards online. It will host your Web site and aid in site design.
Trintech offers a secure credit-card payment system that enables simultaneous purchases from multiple stores. This is used in virtual shopping malls.
This is the site of AltaVista's shopping mall. It uses the Payware eIssuer technology.
Intellicharge specializes in merchant-account management. It settles merchant accounts on the day of the request.
Onlineorders provides links and factual information regarding online payments and the methods of implementing payment systems.

Entrypoint's product is a personalized desktop toolbar that offers easy access to news, sports, finance, travel and shopping. It includes an e-wallet feature for use at affiliate Internet stores.
Brodia promises e-wallet services that enable users to store their credit-card numbers and other purchasing information for shopping online.

Checking Account Payment
This site allows merchants to draw against the balance in their checking account as a valid form of payment over the Internet.

Digital Cash
eCash offers digital cash services for both online purchases and peer-to-peer payment.
Flooz is a form of digital cash that is used as a gift currency. Customers buy Flooz currency with their credit cards and then establish gift accounts. The recipient can then spend the Flooz account at participating stores.
beenz is an international, points-based currency system. It allows vendors to offer a promotional system on their Web site.
This site allows Internet users to purchase gift certificates online.
Internetcash is a digital currency that is aimed at teenagers. The currency is purchased through prepaid cards at convenience stores. Affiliated merchants are targeted to a young demographic.
This service is designed for individuals under the age of 18. It provides them with an online spending account.
Similar to RocketCash, this site provides an online spending account, particularly for users under the age of 18.

Peer-To-Peer Payment
PayPal offers a peer-to-peer payment system that enables anyone to receive payment from anyone else via e-mail. Payments can be made by credit card or checking account.
This site offers a peer-to-peer credit-card payment system designed by eBay and Wells Fargo and used on the eBay auction site.
The digital cash system offered through Western Union.

Smart Cards
The Smart Card Industry Association Web site provides information on smart-card technology and services.
This page contains information on the forthcoming smart card being offered by Visa, which will contain a digital-cash application and e-wallet services.
A monthly e-magazine that contains comprehensive information on smart-card technology, as well as links to other sites.
Nextcard has developed a credit card specifically designed for the Web. Online payments can be made with a built-in digital wallet.
American Express offers the Blue smart card (personal and corporate) and related services through its Web site.

This is a paper on electronic-payment systems with a focus on micropayments.
eCharge partners with AT&T to provide micropayment services billed to the user's phone bill.
iPin allows charges from micropayment purchases to appear on the customer's ISP bill.
Trivnet's technology bills micropayment purchases to the customer's ISP bill.
Qpass is an e-commerce enabler. It allows companies to sell products and conduct secure transactions over the Web. It can provide the infrastructure needed to run your e-business.
Millicent allows customers and e-businesses to conduct transactions using micropayments.

eCredit helps entrepreneurs and established businesses find credit to support their online operations. eCredit will also help you manage your money.
Clareon provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions connecting buyers and sellers with a secure payment system.
eTimeCapital provides a solution for accounts receivable and cash-flow management on the Web.
Tradecard handles international trade and e-commerce over the Web. Tradecard provides secure online payments.
Swift's site offers secure, online, international credit-card transactions.

Checkfree allows you to receive and pay your bills online.
Paytrust is a an online bill-payment system. Paytrust allows you to access and pay your bills with the Palm VII organizer.
Derivion provides bill-payment capabilities.
Encirq allows bill payment sites to add targeted advertising to online customer statements.
The U.S. Postal service offers bill-paying services.
Yahoo! offers bill payment and presentment services through its Web site. The service includes message delivery and payment updates. The first three months are free.
This free, online service offered through Citibank enables peer-to-peer payments.

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Chapter 5: Internet Hardware, Software and Communications

Internet Access
This is Bell Atlantic's DSL information site. provides DSL solutions, from Internet access to Web hosting and e-commerce capabilities.
To find out what DSL services are available in your area, visit this site.
This site explains the advantages of DSL, its uses and how it works. It also offers pricing information and comparisons with other, similar technologies.
This site offers information about DSL Internet access for Macintosh users.
NetworkWorldFusion provides resources, such as tutorials and information, on the different types of DSL for both DSL users and people interested in acquiring DSL. This site also distributes newsletters and provides newsgroups on various DSL topics.
The tutorial on this site helps users become more familiar with DSL service. It starts with the basics and moves on to more in-depth subjects, including DSL networks. The tutorial also includes a DSL glossary.
2Wire provides a low-level tutorial on DSL that discusses how to find a provider. This site also discusses the applications of DSL for telecommuters and businesses.
DSL Prime provides news and technical information related to DSL.
This site provides news, product reviews and product information related to DSL.
Allied Riser offers a range of broadband services on its fiber-optic networks inside office buildings.
This site includes information about T-1 and T-3 lines including a FAQ, a glossary, links to related Web sites and links to service providers.
Cidera provides satellite-based broadband services as an alternative to land lines for content providers and distributors on the Internet.
This company provides broadband services via its nationwide fiber-optic network and offers many e-business solutions, including Web hosting and security.
Qwest is a leading provider of broadband Internet connections for home users, as well as small and large businesses.
This site provides information about ISDN, including demos, links to other sites and plug-ins.
WebTV® is a low-cost technology for connecting to the Internet through the user's television.

Free Internet Access
DialFree provides its subscribers with free Internet access. It is able to do so by requiring its subscribers to fill out a monthly survey. DialFree then passes this information on to its partners to help them better understand the views and behavior of Internet users.
By placing banner ads on the viewing window of its users' browser, Freeinternet is able to provide free Internet access through advertising revenue.
ISfree offers Internet access for a flat monthly fee. Why, then, do they call themselves free? Through a referral program, your monthly fees may go down to zero, or you may even end up getting paid to be a subscriber: For every person who signs up for the service and cites you as a referral, you get a credit against your fees. After four referrals, you get a free month of service.

Operating Systems
The Open Group maintains the specification for the UNIX operating system. Visit this site to view the latest UNIX specification, news and white papers.
The Microsoft Windows site includes product downloads, information and support.
The Apple Mac OS X site includes product information, downloads and details about the technologies used in the operating system. You can also view samples of the new graphical user interface.
This resource site provides news, development information, games, job listings and other information related to Linux.
Linux Online! is a resource site with links to news, documentation, support, applications, hardware, user groups and more.
IBM is a major Linux supporter. Visit this site for information about IBM Linux-enabled servers and software support.
This site is an excellent resource for information on Linux. It provides links to news, applications, support and development sites.

Fiber Optics
This site provides a short history of fiber optics and references a more in-depth explanation that is included in the author's book.
Communications Specialties, Inc., provides a detailed introduction to fiber-optic technology and concepts.
Fiber Optics Online is an industry portal with information about fiber-optic products and technology.

Streaming Media
This is a comprehensive site for streaming audio and video. Hundreds of live events are available daily for listening with RealPlayer.
Internet Radio offers many live broadcasts from radio stations throughout the country, covering a broad range of topics and types of music.

Application Service Providers
This application service provider offers products and services related to customer relationship management, financial management, human resources and other key business functions.
Adgrafix offers applications for discussion boards, lead management, chat and more.
Verio offers applications for collaboration, e-mail, e-commerce, databases and FrontPage 2000.

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Chapter 6: Wireless Internet Service Providers
GoAmerica is a wireless Internet service provider, supplying Internet access, Web browsing and e-mail capabilities for a variety or wireless devices such as PDAs and two-way pagers.
AvantGO is a free mobile Internet service that allows you to browse Web pages using a Palm or Windows CE device. They also have a service for WAP-enabled phones to surf the Web.
DoCoMo is one of the largest wireless product and service providers in Japan.
AT&T offers mobile phone and Web services for individuals and businesses.
This is an automated demo of Nortel's 3G (third generation) wireless services.
Verizon offers mobile phone and Web services including e-mail and other WAP applications.

Wireless Phones and Modems
Visit this site to learn about some of the most popular mobile phones on the market. You will also find information on WAP applications for mobile business.
Motorola offers numerous Web-enabled mobile phone and paging devices.
Visit this site to learn more about Ericsson's Web-ready phones and wireless devices.
Check out some of Samsung's innovative wireless devices, including a smart phone that incorporates e-mail, Web browsing and data management. The smart phone also has hand-writing recognition, making it easier to compose messages.
Using a Siemens WAP-enabled phone, you can visit this site to download the latest news, scores and statistics about your favorite European football (soccer) teams.
Watch the interactive demo which shows Omnisky's wireless modem, e-mail and Web services devices at work.
Visit this site to learn about wireless modems and Internet access.
Check out the interactive demo showing you all the features of the NeoPoint mobile phone with wireless modem, wireless Internet and data-storage capabilities.
Visit this site to learn about the Globalstar satellite wireless phone. These phones can be used in remote areas where cellular service is not available, however they require line of site to the satellite.

Wireless e-Mail and Messaging
Check out various models of two-way pagers and wireless e-mail devices.
BlackBerry two-way pagers from Research in Motion, Ltd. (RIM) are the world's most popular wireless e-mail devices. E-mails are sent and retrieved automatically.
This service allows you to listen to your e-mail, converting the text to speech. You can also respond to e-mail by sending a voice message that is sent to the receiver as an attached .wav audio file.

Personal Digital Assistants
The Handspring Visor™ handheld computer can be used as a GPS system, an e-book or a personal organizer.
The Palm is currently the most widely used PDA. It can be used for wireless Internet access and more.
This site is a portal for Microsoft Pocket PC news, information, downloads and more.
This site describes the history of PDAs.

WAP Forum is the industry association working to develop a standard for communication on wireless devices. This site includes news, information, FAQs, events, developer information and protocol specifications.
This site includes news, reviews, product information, a WAP FAQ and other resources related to the wireless Internet.
This site has extensive information on WAP. including a tutorial, FAQ and links. Ericsson also manufactures mobile phones with WAP browsers.
This site contains an extensive list of WML and WAP articles and other resources.
This site contains an in-depth WML tutorial.
The Wireless Developer network is an excellent resource for news, tutorials and technical information. This site has excellent introductions to Bluetooth and Palm Query Application Development.
Check out the interactive WAP demo (requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher) and the WAP/WML tutorial.

Wireless Applications
Check out the wireless commerce solutions from Aether Systems including the Personal Commerce Portal, Aether M Wallet, wireless bill paying and more.
Visit this site for more information about Siemen's mobile business products and solutions.
Download Jungleport, an application for Palm devices that includes city maps, dining guides and yellow pages.
This application service provider offers a variety of wireless applications, such as a wireless information services portal, using the WAP and Windows CE platform.
This wireless applications provider takes Web content, databases, and other business applications and "mobilizes" them for a variety of wireless devices. Check out the Macromedia Flash-enabled demo that includes interesting industry estimates and details about the company's products and services.
This company offers a search engine designed for wireless devices.

Global Positioning Systems
This site contains links to numerous GPS-related Web sites including FAQs, news, satellite information, mapping programs and government GPS sites.
Navtech is a manufacturer of in-vehicle navigation systems.
This GPS manufacturer offers several models including portable and in-vehicle devices.

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Chapter 7: Internet Security

Security Resource Sites
This is a comprehensive resource for computer security. The site has thousands of links to products, security companies, tools and more. The site also offers a free weekly newsletter with information about vulnerabilities.
This site is a great resource for information on online security. The site has links to news, tools, events, training and other valuable security information and resources.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center deals with protecting privacy and civil liberties. Visit this site to learn more about the organization and its latest initiatives.
The Ronald L. Rivest: Cryptography and Security site has an extensive list of links to security resources, including newsgroups, government agencies, FAQs, tutorials and more.
The W3C Security Resources site has FAQs, information about W3C security and e-commerce initiatives and links to other security related Web sites.
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which is an organization concerned with the architecture of the Internet, has working groups dedicated to Internet Security. Visit the IETF Security Area to learn about the working groups, join the mailing list or check out the latest drafts of the IETF's work.
The Yahoo Security and Encryption page is a great resource for links to Web sites security and encryption.
The Counterpane Internet Security, Inc., site includes links to downloads, source code, FAQs, tutorials, alert groups, news and more.
This site is an excellent set of FAQs about cryptography from RSA Laboratories, one of the leading makers of public key cryptosystems.
Visit the National Security Institute's Security Resource Net for the latest security alerts, government standards, and legislation, as well as security FAQs links and other helpful resources.
The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) InfoSec site has information about the latest U.S. government legislation related to information security.
The Distributed Denial of Service Attacks site has links to news articles, tools, advisory organizations and even a section on security humor.
The Security Watch site on has loads of links to security resources.
AntiOnline has security-related news and information, a tutorial titled "Fight-back! Against Hackers," information about hackers and an archive of hacked sites.
The Microsoft security site has links to downloads, security bulletins and tutorials.
This site offers a service to test the security of your computer's Internet connection.

Magazines, Newsletters and News sites
The Security Alert Consensus is a free weekly newsletter with information about security threats, holes, solutions and more.
Information Security Magazine has the latest Web security news and vendor information.
Cipher is an electronic newsletter on security and privacy from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). You can view current and past issues online.
The Security Portal has news and information about security, cryptography and the latest viruses.
SC Magazine has news, product reviews and a conference schedule for security events.
Insurgency on the Internet from CNN Interactive has news on hacking, plus a gallery of hacked sites.
Visit Rootshell for security-related news and white papers.

Government Sites for Computer Security
This site has links to security organizations, security resources and tutorials on PKI, SSL and other protocols.
The Computer Security Resource Clearing House is a resource for network administrators and others concerned with security. This site has links to incident-reporting centers, information about security standards, events, publications and other resources.
Visit the Center for Democracy and Technology for U. S. legislation and policy news regarding cryptography.
This site has links to loads of security-related sites. The links are organized by subject and include resources on digital signatures, PKI, smart cards, viruses, commercial providers, intrusion detection and several other topics.
The Computer Security Information page is an excellent resource, providing links to news, newsgroups, organizations, software, FAQs and an extensive number of Web links.
The Federal Computer Incident Response Capability deals with the security of government and civilian agencies. This site has information about incident statistics, advisories, tools, patches and more.
This site has a list of freely available cryptosystems, along with a discussion of each system and links to FAQs and tutorials.
The Internet Fraud Complaint Center, founded by the Justice Department and the FBI, fields reports of Internet fraud.
The Defense Information Systems Agency's Information Assurance page includes links to sites on vulnerability warnings, virus information and incident-reporting instructions, as well as other helpful links.

Internet Security Vendors
RSA is one of the leaders in electronic security. Visit its site for more information about its current products and tools, which are used by companies worldwide.
Check Point™ Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of Internet security products and services.
MyCIO provides Internet security software and services.
The Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) has over 200 partners that develop security products and solutions using the OPSEC to allow for interoperability and increased security over a network.
Baltimore is an e-commerce security solutions provider. Its most popular product is UniCERT, a digital certificate product that is used in PKI. It also offers SET, public-key cryptography and digital certificate solutions.
nCipher is a vendor of hardware and software security products. Its products include an SSL accelerator that speeds up transaction of SSL Web servers and a secure key management system.
Entrust Technologies provides e-security products and services.
TenFour provides software for secure e-mail.
ScanMail® is an e-mail virus detection program for Microsoft Exchange.
Content Technologies is a security software provider. Its products include firewall and secure e-mail programs.
Zixmail™ is a secure e-mail product that allows you to encrypt and digitally sign your messages using different e-mail programs.
At this site you can download Pretty Good Privacy® freeware, which allows you to send messages, files, etc., securely.
Certicom provides security solutions for the wireless Internet.
Raytheon Corporation's SilentRunner monitors activity on a network to find internal threats, such as data theft or fraud.

This Netscape page has a brief description of SSL, plus links to an SSL tutorial and FAQs.
The Netscape Security Center is an extensive resource for Internet and Web security. You will find news, tutorials, products and services on this site.
This FAQs page has an extensive list of questions and answers about SSL technology.
The Secure Electronic Transaction LLC was formed through Visa and MasterCard to work on the SET specification. Visit this Web site to learn more about SET and the companies using SET in their products, and check out the brief FAQs list and glossary.
Visa International's security page includes information on SSL and SET. The page includes a demonstration of an online shopping transaction, which explains how SET works.
The MasterCard SET Web site includes information about the SET protocol, a glossary of SET-related terms, the latest developments and a demonstration walking you through the steps of a purchase using SET technology.
The Open SSL Project provides a free, open source toolkit for SSL.

Public-key Cryptography
Entrust produces effective security software products using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
The Communication Security Establishment has a short tutorial on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that defines PKI, public-key cryptography and digital signatures.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Technology page has loads of links to sites related to PKI that contain information about standards, vendors, trade groups and government organizations.
The Beginner's Guide to Cryptography is an online tutorial and includes links to other sites on privacy and cryptography.
The Cryptography FAQ has an extensive list of questions and answers.
The PKI Forum promotes the use of PKI.
Visit the Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.'s site to read the article "Ten Risks of PKI: What You're Not Being Told About Public Key Infrastructure."

Digital Signatures
The XML Digital Signatures site was created by a group working to develop digital signatures using XML. You can view the group's goals and drafts of their work.
E-Lock Technologies is a vendor of digital-signature products used in Public Key Infrastructure. This site has an FAQs list covering cryptography, keys, certificates and signatures.
The Digital Signature Trust Co. is a vendor of Digital Signature and Public Key Infrastructure products. It has a tutorial titled "Digital Signatures and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) 101."

Digital Certificates
VeriSign creates digital IDs for individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Check out its Web site for product information, news and downloads.
Thawte Digital Certificate Services offers SSL, developer and personal certificates.
Silanis Technology is a vendor of digital-certificate software.
Belsign issues digital certificates in Europe. It is the European authority for digital certificates.
Set up your own CA using open-source software from The OpenCA Project.

Digital Wallets
GlobeSet is a vendor of digital-wallet software. Its site has an animated tutorial demonstrating the use of an electronic wallet in an SET transaction.
Trintech digital wallets handle SSL and SET transactions.
The Yahoo! Wallet is a digital wallet that can be used at thousands of Yahoo! Stores worldwide.

This site provides an extensive list of FAQs on firewalls.
Visit this site to compare firewall software from a variety of vendors.
Zeuros is a complete resource for information about firewalls. You will find FAQs, books, articles, training and magazines on this site.
The Firewall Product Overview site has an extensive list of firewall products, with links to each vendor's site.
Check out this firewall tutorial from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
WatchGuard® Technologies, Inc., provides firewalls and other security solutions for medium to large organizations.
BlackICE Defender, from Network ICE, combines a firewall with intrusion detection.

This site is an extensive list of FAQs on Kerberos from the Naval Research Laboratory.
Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol is a list of FAQs provided by MIT.
The Kerberos Reference Page has links to several informational sites, technical sites and other helpful resources.
Visit this site to download various Kerberos white papers and documentation.

Key Tronic manufactures keyboards with fingerprint recognition systems.

Steganography and Digital Watermarking
Blue Spike's Giovanni watermarks help publishers of digital content protect their copyrighted material and track their content that is distributed electronically.
Outguess is a freely available steganographic tool.
The Information Hiding Homepage has technical information, news and links related to digital watermarking and steganography.
DemCom's Steganos Security Suite software allows you to encrypt and hide files within audio, video, text or HTML files.
Digimarc is a leading provider of digital-watermarking software solutions.
Cognicity specializes in digital-watermarking solutions for the music and entertainment industries.


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Chapter 8: Direct e-Mailing is a company that performs streaming multimedia e-mailing services. Visit the site for demonstrations of its latest e-mail capabilities.
FloNetwork, Inc., manages direct e-mail campaigns. The company provides real-time tracking and analysis of e-mail campaigns.
ClickAction offers e-mail campaign management.

Online Promotions offers information on Internet marketing, including extensive coverage of promoting your Web site.
Promotion World has an online promotional outline containing information on site-promotion services.

Internet Marketing Research
ICONOCAST features a variety of marketing information, including a newsletter.
International Data Corporation offers specialized marketing research on the Internet, e-commerce and information technology.

Online Advertising
Engage Media offers a variety of Internet marketing products and services.
Ad Resource offers Internet advertising resources, including information on software, events and articles. uses bursting to deliver video content. Visit the site for a demonstration of the difference between bursting and streaming.

Webcasting and Interactive Advertising is a site where you can learn about current streaming-media conferences, industry news, company directories and other information on streaming media. offers interactive advertising, including online, on-disk and on-paper advertising. Visit the site to see demonstrations.
Bluestreak offers interactive banners. Visit the site to see demonstrations.

Business-to-Business Marketing on the Web
VerticalNet, Inc., provides a list of industry communities. It also has a variety of e-business solutions that help bring buyers and sellers together. Its resources give marketers options for B2B marketing.
Commerce One offers a portal ( for businesses to exchange products around the world. Commerce One also assists companies in building industry marketplaces.
Linkshare is one of the few companies offering business-to-business affiliate programs in addition to business-to-consumer affiliate programs.

Public Relations
Media Relations provides publicity, marketing and event management.
Internet Wire offers a free PR newsletter.
NewsIQ offers a service that tracks when a client appears in the news.

Search-Engine Information
This site has a brief tutorial on META tags.
The Webdeveloper provides a tutorial on META tags.

General Internet Marketing Information
Asknetrageous offers answers to questions on Internet marketing. You can subscribe to any of its e-mail newsletters for free.
eMarketer aggregates content on Internet marketing, including news, statistics, profiles and reviews.
Channelseven is a news and information site that helps marketing and advertising professionals keep up to date with the Web.
ROIbotlibrary is a listing of free resources on Internet marketing. The resources include a free five-day marketing course sent to you over the Internet. The Web site also provides free marketing software.

Total Internet Marketing Solutions and Services
Wheelhouse consults and provides implementation assistance for various marketing strategies. It also implements marketing systems.
Ilux develops and sells software for Internet marketing solutions and also provides services, including evaluation of Web sites, outsourcing and assistance with the use of Ilux software.

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Chapter 9: Directories and Search Engines for Affiliate Programs
This site is a directory for affiliate programs that allows you to search by category or topic.
This site provides a directory of affiliate programs and affiliate-program products.
This site offers affiliate-program recommendations, a message board and information on tools and services.
This site is a directory for affiliate programs, listed by category.
This site provides a free e-mail newsletter containing news and strategies related to affiliate programs. The site also provides reviews of many different affiliate programs.
This site is an affiliate program directory. It offers lists of popular programs, new programs and two-tier programs, as well as a free newsletter. Its Top Ten List is published every two weeks.
This site is a directory of affiliate programs.
This site offers a search engine for affiliate programs.
This site offers a directory for affiliates and merchants.
This site rates the top affiliate programs. It also offers tips on maximizing your program and the latest news about affiliate programs.
This site is a directory for affiliate and referral programs.
This site provides a list of associate programs, a free newsletter, site promotion and discussion lists.

Affiliate-Program Solution Providers
Visit this site for reviews of the top-paying and most effective affiliate and pay-per-action online advertising programs.
This site aggregates information on affiliate programs. It also offers tutorials, news and links to top sites.
This company is an affiliate network provider.

Tracking Solutions
This site offers software for tracking affiliates. It includes an integrated e-commerce system with a shopping cart and can support a two-tiered affiliate program.
This company provides affiliate tracking software. Visit the Web site to see view an online example of the software's capabilities.
Agents of Fortune Software provides multilevel affiliate-program tracking.

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Chapter 10: Log-file Analysis
This site offers a listing of URLs for various log-file analysis tools. The list is organized by platform, including Unix, Windows NT, Windows, Macintosh and platform independent.
Sane Solutions offers NetTracker®, a log-file analysis product. Visit the site for an online demo.
Active Concepts provides Internet analysis products for eBusiness, Web administration, online training and marketing.

Data Mining
SAS® has many solutions for customer relationship management. Its Balanced Scorecard uses data warehousing and data management to analyze collected data.
IBM® offers DB2 Intelligent Miner for Data. This product mines high-volume data and also provides analysis results.
Magnify provides data-mining solutions including specific products for the financial industry.

Andromedia provides LikeMinds, a solution that allows you to personalize your customers' experiences on your Web site based on their previous visits.
The BlueMartini Customer Interaction Server allows businesses to manage the needs of individual customers by tracking and mining the customer's visits.
Broadbase Software, Inc. provides solutions for all aspects of e-commerce. The E-Marketing product assists the marketer in planning, executing and analyzing personalized marketing campaigns.

Call Centers
CosmoCom™'s CosmoCall Universe is a communication platform that includes Internet, e-mail, voicemail, fax and telephone.
Siebel® offers a wide range of CRM solutions, including a call-center solution that includes coordinating all interactions with customers using telephone, fax, e-mail, the Web and VoIP.
Clarify™ offers many CRM products, including the Clarify ClearCall Center. This solution is used by salespeople, managers and customer service representatives, so all views of the customer can be linked into one system.

EchoMail®, Inc. provides companies with EchoMail, a software application that routes e-mail to the proper people; it also warehouses and mines e-mail for analysis in real time and creates mailing lists and administers e-mail campaigns.
This portal provides e-mail industry news and articles.
ClickAction™ ERM is a Web-based e-mail management solution designed for marketers and database managers. You can tailor the solution to be self-service (e-mails are sent automatically) or full service (e-mails are managed by employees), depending on your needs.

Online Text Chatting
HumanClick offers companies the option to place on their sites buttons that connect to live customer-service representatives over the Internet. The customer can then speak with the CSR. Visit the site to view the demo.
WebDialogs offers online text chatting services as well as callback features and browsing synchronization between visitors and customer service representatives.
eshare™ offers eshare Expressions®, a turnkey solution for adding discussion forums, presentations and chatting capabilities to a Web site.

Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition and Natural-Language Processing
AskJeevesSM offers Jeeves Relevant Answers, a product that uses "popularity-ranking technology" and "natural-language question answering" to help visitors find products and services relevant to their interests.
Philips' SpeechMania™ is a software package that performs "natural speech recognition" for transaction services and automating telephone information services.

Voice Communications
This site offers an online tutorial for Voice over IP applications.
This company provides users with free calls using VoIP.

Sales Force Automation
Selectica's Internet Selling System™ (ISS) is a solution that improves the sales process by assisting in product development, analysis, sales data management and other sales functions.
Oracle® provides an online solution for sales-force automation. gives a company's sales force access to sales force automation tools, including company updates and forecasts.
FrontRange Solutions™ sells GoldMine® 5.0, an automation software for sales and marketing.

Complete CRM Solutions
PeopleSoft® created the Vantive Enterprise and the Web-based Vantive eBusiness application suites to fulfill companies' customer relationship management needs. The modules of the solution can be used separately or together and include Vantive Quality, Vantive Support, Vantive Sales, Vantive Field Service and Vantive HelpDesk.
Pegasystem offers a full range of CRM solutions for service, marketing and sales, using various channels of contact with consumers.
This site is a resource for customer relationship management. This site provides visitors with a listing of solutions, CRM events and a career center.
CRM Forum contains articles, tutorials, presentations, and white papers on improving the quality of customer relationship management on the Internet.
iSky provides assistance for companies who need customer care systems. A company can outsource customer relationship management to iSky.
Acxiom® offers Abilitec™, a solution that integrates all forms of contact with customers, so a company can have a single view of each customer.

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Chapter 11: Legal References
Prof. D. Herbeck of Boston College has established this site to provide students with readings and court cases relevant to the development of cyberlaw. The site includes several landmark cases in the development of the freedom of expression in the United States, as well as more current debates over speech and the Internet.
The Federal Communications Commission is the government body responsible for regulating interstate and international communications, including radio, television and satellite. The FCC plays an active role in determining the need for government regulation of the Internet.
This site provides users with state and federal court decisions, as well as current law.
This comprehensive Web site has links to federal, state, county and local laws. It includes world law, Supreme Court decisions and cyberlaw.

Online Privacy
Now called Persona, this company provides users with the tools to protect their privacy online.
A developer of privacy-oriented marketing strategies and services, provides privacy ratings of various Web sites and presents them to users on a scale of 0 to 4 stars (0 being the lowest, 4 being the highest).
Doubleclick is an online advertising agency. The site was recently in the headlines for its consumer-tracking techniques.
Codex Data Systems manufactures tracking and surveillance software.
This private organization develops security software.
The Center for Democracy and Technology has expertise in the legal and technological development of the Web. Its mission is protecting privacy and free speech.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit organization concerned with privacy and the freedom of expression in the digital age.
The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit organization designed to help consumers better understand and protect their privacy.
This site is the leading provider of online privacy protection services. audits member organizations to ensure consumers that the sites are upholding their privacy policies.
This site generates privacy policies for Web sites. For a fee, users can enter information that is then incorporated into a policy. The service is supported by Trustmark.
This free Internet service allows users to surf the Internet anonymously.
This site, operated by DoubleClick, aids users in understanding privacy policies, how to avoid receiving junk mail and how to disable cookies.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is concerned with the use of consumer information by online companies. The Web site allows users to register for regular e-mails that discuss updates on the current issues surrounding privacy and First Amendment rights.
Junkbusters is a privacy advocacy and consulting group that helps consumers and businesses reduce the amount of junk mail they receive. Although not a supplier of legal advice, the organization offers products designed to protect users from unsolicited e-mail.
WQuinn offers a software solution to monitor the material that is being stored on your server. The collection of outdated mail, sexually explicit images and otherwise sensitive material on your hard drive can lead to slow service or legal complications. The site offers a free 30-day trial of the software.
Persona, formerly known as Privaseek, enables consumers to control their personal information through MyPersona. It provides material to alert users to privacy issues and provides a list of resources through which users can continue researching these issues.
A consortium of major Web sites, including, Yahoo! and Lycos. attempts to meet the needs of e-business while matching the demands of the consumer regarding online privacy.
The Federal Trade Commission's site details the treatment of children's personal information on the Internet. The site includes the Child's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), enacted in April 2000.

Regulation Methods
The first to enter the Internet filtering market in 1995, Surfwatch advertises a 90- to 95-percent success rate in filtering questionable content.
Cybersitter filtering software is available for a free trial or to buy as a download.
GetNetWise is an organization that provides and promotes a valuable Web experience. The site provides information on safe surfing.
This site aids users in managing incoming e-mail messages. Message Control, a service it provides, protects users from unwanted mail and viruses.
This site is for PriceWaterhouseCoopers's auditing and privacy policy development program.

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Chapter 12: General
GlobalCrossing provides a fast, secure global network, IP services and rich content, applications and Web hosting.
The full text of this report can be found of the American Bar Association Global Cyberspace Jurisdiction Project. The report represents the culmination of two years of research relating to international legal questions introduced by the Internet and global e-commerce.
This site provides additional information on the European Union Directive on Data Protection.
Sea-Bone is Telecom Italia's solution for telecommunication operators and ISPs that want to upgrade their network to Global Internet.
This site hosts two Internet business-related newsletters and offers links to other relevant information to learn more about the development of e-business on the Web.
Internet and technology statistics by country or language are available at the Global Reach site.
This site contains a Resource Library that allows users to search for articles and information pertaining to specific foreign markets and topics.
This site connects potential business partners and employees to gather at the group's monthly meetings or online job marketplace.

Domain Names
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Web site. This site provides information on registering foreign domain names.

Translation Services
This site offers dynamic Internet translation and globalization services for Internet companies, in-house translations, global promotion of your Web site and e-mails to customers in their native language.
eTranslate specializes in end-to-end globalization solutions.
This site provides an online language translation dictionary, helps users pronounce words correctly and demonstrates the use of the word in context.
This site provides online translation services.
Wholetree offers integrated multi-language support for customer service
RSL is the telecom's first multi-national e-services platform with a real-time language translator.
Teltrust offers seamless integrated multilingual support services and one-touch support.

The following sites provide internalization and localization services.
Bowne Global Provides localization services for businesses in a variety of industries.
This site provides software for internationalization and localization intergration.
LionBridge Technologies provides globalization solutions for technology, telecommunications, life sciences and financial services industries.
This site provides translation services and content management for e-businesses.

Web site of the British Post Office
Web site of the German post office

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Chapter 13: Social Issues
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is an organization concerned with the development and use of computers and the effects they have on society. The group has addressed issues including the national information infrastructure, civil liberties and privacy, computers in the workplace and technology policy and human needs. CPSR serves as an advisory board to policy makers and the public.
The Institute for Global Communications is a progressively political portal acting as home to Web sites dedicated to addressing racism, gender, the environment, human rights and international disputes.
This site is targeted towards political activists under the age of 18. It provides younger audiences with information and advice to initiate political change.
A leading Web site for the gay population, PlanetOut provides users with headline news and other relevant information.
This is a popular Web site targeted to the gay community.
This site, one of the leaders in online dating services, provides users with access to hundreds of potential significant others. For a fee the site will pair members according to their areas of interest.
This site is targeted toward female audiences, providing information on health, motherhood, relationships, entertainment and fashion.

Communication Technologies
This service allows Firetalk members to conduct online communications, gather in discussion groups and tour the Web together.

Digital Divide
This site provides information about AOL's effort to bring Internet tools into urban schools.

This site is designed to help young adults get involved in the issues that concern them most.
Users can visit this site to learn more about the Republican presidential nominee.
Web users can visit this site to learn more about the presidential election, the issues, the funding and the candidates.
This is the Web site for the Student Environmental Action Coalition.
The Web site for Amnesty International.
Visit this Web site to learn more about the Peace Corps and the causes it serves.

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations
This site offers Web surfers the ability to shop at charity-sponsoring businesses, donate items and money, and learn more about charitable organizations.
This site is designed to raise awareness and funding for medical research and health support in urban areas.
This organization provides information and resources for abusers.
Web surfers can visit this site and click on participating advertisements. The proceeds from advertisement dollars are donated according to the number of visitors to the ad.
The site hosts the Boston chapter of Big Brother. Interested users can submit a request for an application and learn more about the organization.
This site hosts American Rivers Online, an organization making an effort to clean up and preserve the polluted rivers in the United States.
This site provides extensive information for users interested in starting a non-profit organization online.

Online Communities
This Web site is designed to target the teenage audience. It offers advice columns, the option to build your own home page and vote in a daily poll.
This teenage site provides e-mail accounts, online chatting and shopping.
This portal serves the African American community
This site is designed to meet the needs of the Black community.
The following are interest-based community sites.
An online community for agriculturalists, providing information on produce, livestock and equipment.
The following are gender-specific communities
This site provides information regarding gay health and the AIDS virus.
This is the online version of the popular magazine.
Women can find information of health, style and childbirth.

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Chapter 14: Accessibility
The World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) site promotes design of universally accessible Web sites. This site will help you keep up-to-date with current guidelines and forthcoming standards for Web accessibility.
This page is a note published by the WCAG working group. It discusses techniques that can be used to comply with the WAI. This is a great resource and can be used to find additional information on many of the topics covered in this chapter.
This is the home page of It is an excellent resource to find information pertaining to deafness.
CAST stands for the Center for Applied Special Technology. They offer software intended to help individuals with disabilities use a computer, including a valuable accessibility checker—free of charge. The accessibility checker is a Web based program used to validate the accessibility of Web sites.
This site presents a tutorial on the Gunning Fog Index. The Gunning Fog Index is a method of grading text on its readability.
This page discusses Aural Style Sheets, outlining the purpose and uses of this new technology.
INDIE is an acronym which stands for "Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education." This site is home to a powerful search engine which help users find out information about disabilities.
This site outlines the specifications for JSML, Sun Microsystem's Java Speech Markup Language. This language, like VoiceXML, could drastically improve accessibility for visually impaired people.
Lynxit is a development tool that allows users to view any Web site just as a text-only browser would. The site's form allows you to enter a URL and returns the Web site in text-only format.
This site allows you to use browse the Web using a Lynx browser. Doing so will allow you to see how your page will load for users without the most current technologies.
This site provides links to other accessibility pages across the Web.
This is the U.S. Department of Education's Web site for software accessibility requirements. It is aimed at helping developers produce accessible products.
This is the home page for IBM Alphaworks. It provides information on VoiceXML and offers a download of the beta version of Voice Server SDK.
This Web site presents Microsoft's guidelines to designing accessible software.
This page explains the speech synthesis markup requirements for voice markup languages.
This site provides information on deafness; it outlines vibrotactile devices. These devices allow deaf people to experience audio in the form of vibrations.
Henter-Joyce a division of Freedom Scientific provides software for the blind and visually impaired people. It is the home of JAWS.
This page contains a consumer guide that discusses technologies for hearing-impaired people.
The University of Washington's DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology) site provides information and Web development resources for creating universally accessible Web sites.
The WebABLE site contains links to many disability-related Internet resources and is geared towards those looking to develop technologies for people with disabilities.
The Speech Technology Hyperlinks page has over 500 links to sites related to computer-based speech and speech recognition tools.
This is the Chant Web site, which discusses speech technology and how it works. Chant also provides speech synthesis and speech recognition software.

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Chapter 15: Online Industries

This site is a legal portal with links, legal forms and a directory of attorneys.
This is one of the most comprehensive legal resources on the Web with over 4000 links to law-related resources.
FindLaw is one of the premier legal portals on the Web. The site hosts content pertaining to attorneys, students, the public and businesses.

Created by the national library of medicine, this site hosts information on health and nutrition and offers dictionaries, drug information and medical directories.
This is an information resource for medical professionals and consumers. The site offers a search capability that gives users access to 6000 medical journals, the latest news in medicine and career-opportunity listings.
The American Medical Association is the professional association for the healthcare industry. The site monitors the industry and provides news and resources for medical professionals.

One of the leaders in online insurance, Quicken offers free quotes on home, auto, life and medical insurance.
This site is an insurance portal that offers links to various insurance carriers and brokers.

This is the official portal of the U.S. Government, offering links to its agencies and departments of the United States government.
Visit this site for comprehensive listing of government Web sites.

Online Grocery Services
Kozmo delivers movies, DVDs, food, magazines and many other convenience items to your doorstep. The site hosts a catalog of products that will typically be dropped off by a messenger within an hour of your purchase.
Peapod, and online grocery store, was founded in 1996 and is a partner of Stop & Shop.

The National Association of Ticket Brokers is dedicated to keeping the ticketing industry fair and ethical.
Visitors can learn about films which are currently playing, and purchase tickets in advance.
You can order tickets to your favorite sporting events, concerts, theater productions and more at this site.
Dance, opera, theater and visual arts are some of the categories available on Culturefinder. This site offers a nationwide database of ticketing information.

Real Estate
This real estate site serves the United Kingdom, providing information about buying and selling homes, leasing property and moving.

This online service allows user to book reservations for airline tickets, car rental and hotels in a dynamic market. The prices change based on the volume of people bidding.
Lowestfare is more than an online fare finder. This site also includes a currency converter, links to world events and news, weather and maps.
Fareagent is a search engine designed to help consumers find the lowest airfares. An e-mail newsletter updates customers if their desired fare becomes available.
This is an online travel agency that includes customized flight planning for corporate or personal travel, a trip planner and city destination guide.

Retail Products
This site is a one-stop shop for parents with infant children. Household items such as barricades, cabinet locks, formula and diapers are available.
iDerive is a unique retail product site that offers discounts on automobiles, hotel reservations, airline tickets and consumer electronics. When a customer puts in an order, iDerive searches for a vendor willing to sell the product. If the product is not available, iDerive will pay the customer a small reward.
This online shopping site offers electronics, computers, sporting goods, gifts, jewelry, housewares and apparel.
E-centives offers digital coupons tailored to your shopping needs. Coupons can be redeemed from participating vendors.

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Chapter 16: Hybrid Banks
FleetBoston Financial offers a physical presence, as well as online banking services. The company also offers online brokerage services through Quick & Reilly.
Wells Fargo is an online branch of a California-based commercial bank.
Citibank® offers Citibank Online, its online banking service offering customers free bill payment online and personal finance research tools.
PNC offers online banking services, and online mortgage and investment services for personal and corporate accounts.

Internet-Only Banks
NetBank an Internet-only bank offering a variety of banking services.
This is an online bank that specializes in helping technology firms.
This is an online bank that specializes in helping small businesses.
This site aggregates financial information and financial rates.
CompuBank® offers clickrewards™, allowing customers to earn rewards for direct deposits and check-card purchases. The company pays above-average interest on checking accounts and offers free online bill payment.
This bank offers free online bill payment, mortgage services and the everCard™ Visa® Platinum credit card with free credit-card management and trading services through everTrade Direct Brokerage, Inc.

Online Loans
FannieMae offers its loan services online, including mortgages.
Countrywide® offers direct lending for home purchasing, refinancing and home equities.
This site offers online mortgage services, including refinancing and home buying.
This site connects lenders with Internet loan-application resources.
This site is a business marketplace where financial companies compete to offer loans.

Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs)
Island® is a privately held ECN that offers securities trading to brokerage firms.
REDIBook® offers trading grounds for AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ securities.
Archipelago is an ECN that allows the buying and selling of NASDAQ securities. Pending SEC approval, its joint efforts with the Pacific Stock Exchange could create an electronic stock exchange.

Online Trading
E*TRADE is an online brokerage firm. This company also offers online banking services.
This site provides a market for online bond buying and selling. A free 60-day trial is available at the site.
Quick & Reilly is a FleetBoston Financial Company that offers online trading services and provides access to Personal Financial Consultants either by phone or at one of its centers.
Universal Network Exchange provides a Web-based trading technology that accesses different ECNs for trading.
Datek Online offers trading commission free if an order is not administered within 60 seconds, updates portfolios in real time and provides free check-writing services. If necessary, Datek routes orders to the Island ECN to be traded.
Ameritrade® is an e-business offering online trading. Its services include real-time quotes and company profiles. Stock alerts can be delivered to your e-mail (wireless e-mail, too) and pager.

Financial Aggregation Services
ebalance™ offers aggregation services and can collect bank and brokerage information. The company collects information from over 1,800 service providers.
1View Network™ aggregates content for individuals and also provides aggregation technology for financial institutions. is a free service that aggregates personal information and tracks online accounts. It also allows users to surf the Web together.

Wireless Trading
DLJ Direct™ Anywhere™ Wireless Services offers trading, real-time quotes and portfolio tracking.
This site offers wireless trading through w-Technologies' w-Trade solution.
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Online offers TradeRunnerSM to provide wireless trading, quotes, market information and notifications.

Financial Planning Online
This site provides market information, stock research, quotes, charts and a tracking service for investors' portfolios.
This site provides mutual fund, stock and insurance information for those seeking finance education. It also offers MorningstarSM ClearFutureSM to assist users in planning their 401(k)s.
This site provides information on retirement and estate planning, budgeting, tax planning, college funding, surviving divorce, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and buying a home.
401kafe is an informative site for individuals to learn more about how a 401(k) plan works.
This site gives visitors the option to listen to live conference calls on earnings reports from different companies, participate in chat sessions with professionals, view current market updates and stock charts, and learn about investing and planning.

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Chapter 17: Online Learning Opportunities
Barnes and Noble offers several online courses for areas of general interest. Courses include literature, history and many other liberal arts.
This online university of business has affiliations with Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Chicago, and others.
This site is an affiliate of Stanford University designed to provide healthcare professionals with information and continuing education.
This site (developed by Columbia University) provides articles, interviews, lectures and additional resources in technology, business, law, etc.
This UCLA-affiliated site offers both accredited and non-accredited continuing education courses.
Affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, this site hosts an e-learning center, now offering "Strategic Business Plan Analysis."

Solutions Providers
UNext is the online education solutions provider responsible for the development of Cardean.
Powered offers eduCommerce, a service that supplies online businesses with e-learning opportunities.
This solution provider offers a series of pre-designed and customizable courses.
TopClass, WBT System's signature product offers design and development services for Web-based training.
VCampus provides an e-learning platform with customizing capabilities. Visit this site to check out the demonstration courses.
Saba offers consulting services, solutions implementation, hosting services, scalable corporate education services and performance management solutions.
The Public Broadcasting System's adult education services licenses and distributes online learning courses to colleges, universities, etc.
This site offers design, development and deployment of training courses for corporations. Consulting services are also available.
Click2Learn offers a database of products and services to help individuals and companies find the education they need.
Thinq provides customized Web-based training through Thinq Learning Consulting services.
This site offers customized e-learning solutions and support services.

Traditional Education Online
The Global Education Network offers a variety of online courses and seminars. Its affiliates include Williams College, Brown University and Wellesley College.
Students can take courses in e-commerce, telecommunications management, information technology and sports management.
Colorado State offers MBA and Management of Technology online programs.
Students can enroll in online MS Industrial Technology, MS Occupational Safety, graduate and undergraduate courses.
Students can earn their MBA from Suffolk University online.
Kaplan College offers MBA, Paralegal Studies, Legal Nurse Consulting, Criminal Justice and Law programs online.
This site is an online marketplace for traditional education.

IT Training Online
Visit this site to view demonstrations of KnowledgeNet products and services.
GoCerify provides IT training and certification from a variety of vendors.
This site offers instructor-led training, self-paced study, computer-based training, certification and more.
Ameritrain provides hands-on computer training online.
CyberStateU provides IT training in Cisco networks, Microsoft products and Linux.
This site offers programming courses in Java, XML and C++.

Corporate Training
Quisic offers online business training for undergraduates, graduates and professionals.
Net-Scene allows businesses to build streaming-media versions of their PowerPoint presentations.

Online Test Preparation
This site provides asynchronous training for students studying for college entrance exams.
This site links students and parents to tutors both online and offline.
Thomson Learning offers online test-preparation services to teachers who wish to design and administer tests and quizzes online.
The Princeton Review provides information and online courses for SAT and GMAT test prep.
Kaplan offers a search feature to help students locate tutors and test-preparation classes. Courses are also offered online.
This site allows students to purchase school supplies and sell their used text books.
VarsityBooks offers school supplies online. Students can also sell their used text books through the site.
This site allows students to search over 40 different book providers to find the lowest price.
This site links educational institutions and resource suppliers.
Students can purchase electronic course materials on this site.
U.S. News and World Report provides graduates and undergraduates with yearly school rankings as well as financial aid and other relevant information.

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Chapter 18: e-Books
Microsoft Reader is a free technology that enables users to read electronic books on their computer, handheld device or electronic book reader.

This site will review and edit original work and post it to their site in digital format. They are pure e-publishers.
This site offers tips and techniques for writers of all ages and skill levels who wish to publish their materials online. The site also aggregates news related to e-publishing.

Subsidy e-Publishing
This site publishes original material for a small administrative fee. All materials must be edited before submittal.
This site posts, distributes and markets original materials. A processing fee is paid by the author. IUniverse has access to multiple distribution channels and will customize content for these channels.
This subsidy e-publisher offers a full range of e-publishing services. This site also distributes and markets original material.

Online News Sources
Immediate business news from corporations worldwide is posted on this site. This site is free for general use. Listings are updated instantly as news is released.
This service is used by many of the news organizations to find breaking news. The site offers the information for free.
United Press International is an online news resource. Specializing in breaking news, it offers its content free on their site. Visitors also have free access to the sites extensive photo library.

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Chapter 19: Online Entertainment

General Entertainment
This site offers the latest news in popular entertainment, plus content from the film, music, publishing and electronic media industries.
Entertaindom features downloadable music, streaming media and free downloads of popular artists, movies, animations and original content. The site recently Webcasted a full concert by the Barenaked Ladies.
If you are looking for reviews on the latest movies, music and games, visit Checkout. The site profiles artists and content creators and their latest material.
This site is dedicated to entertainment of the past. Daily articles discuss toys, games and media of the past. Recent articles include "The Top 8 Transformer Figures of All Time" and "Nintendo: Kung-Fu! Hyyya!". The site also includes a photo gallery, video downloads and games.
This site uses broadband technology to provide streaming audio and video over the Web. It also hosts movie trailers, music videos, and other high-quality multimedia.

This is a movie review site that aggregates film reviews from leading reviewers and rates movies as either "rotten" or "fresh." This site is a great resource when you are trying to decide on what film to watch.
Ain't It Cool News is one of the most successful film entertainment sites on the Web. Harry Knowles, a well-known Hollywood gossip reporter, developed the site and publishes the latest news and gossip related to the entertainment industry. The site is filled with interesting rumors and back-lot gossip.
Film Threat is designed to bring attention to lesser-known independent and underground films. The site's publisher, Chris Gore, has been creating content for over a decade and has created a valuable resource for fans of alternative and independent films.
Icebox was launched in June of 2000 with the support of Hollywood's leading animators. Visitors can download animations for free and submit their own content. If the content is accepted, it will be placed on the Web. Icebox accepts artwork, writing and full animations.
This site is the home of Hollywood screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio. They have assembled a database of questions and answers for the fledgling screenwriter.
This site is one of the leading short-film cinemas on the Web. The site is a mixture of professional and amateur work assembled from filmmakers worldwide. The films are free once you register.
This site is a collections of insider tips and rumors assembled from individuals across the Web. Each upcoming film that is listed includes the latest casting rumors, on-set gossip and location information.

This site aggregates news and content about popular music. You can download clips of songs and read about your favorite performers.
WinAmp is a free application that can be downloaded and used to play MP3 music files. The player includes a playlist organizer and an equalizer. Add-ons allow you to use animated visualizations that perform to the music. has become well known since its highly publicized litigation with leading record companies. The site allows you to store your personal MP3 files on its servers. You can then listen to them without the use of a CD.
Mplayer hosts multiplayer gaming across the Web. The site allows you to play some of your CD-ROM-based games and some of its own games over its multiplayer server for free. Games include backgammon, poker and bingo.
Farmclub is a site designed by music industry executives to promote their own artists, as well as unsigned musicians. If you have a band and would like to post your music to the Web, Farmclub will allow you to post your music for free.

This site is a combination of games and animated short films. The site features rapping politicians and musical food.
This site is full of free games. They range from harmless to extreme.
Once you have registered at this site, you can play scores of games for free. Games include poker, backgammon, chess, checkers, memory games, crosswords and more.
This site is dedicated to the Microsoft games series. It offers patches, add-ons and multiplayer forums for the many of the Microsoft games.

Entertainment Careers
The goal of the site is to empower the amateur acting community. The site aggregates studio lot maps, personal bios, headshots and resumes and a searchable database of casting directors, agents and other professionals in the field.
The Hollywood network is another resource for the Hollywood acting community. Visitors can improve their careers by chatting with other actors, searching the directories and databases and building their own Web site.
If you are looking to break into the entertainment industry, is a good place to start. The database allows you to search for jobs in a wide range of categories and locations.

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Chapter 20: Information Technology (IT) Career Sites
This is a recruiting Web site that focuses on the computer industry.
This is a Web recruiting service for individuals seeking IT positions.
This site provides employers and job seekers with recruiting capabilities and information regarding developing technology.
This site serves as a portal with access to language-specific sites, including Java, Perl, C and C++.
This forum provides software developers with an opportunity to share projects, discuss code and ask questions.

Career Sites
A network of career sites, including IT Careers, USA Today and MSN, CareerBuilder attracts 3 million unique job seekers per month. This site also provides resume-builder and job-searching agents.
This free site caters to jobs seekers, employers and contractors.
This site, the largest of the online career sites, allows people looking for jobs to post their resumes, search job listings and read advice and information about the job-search process. It also provides a variety of recruitment services for employers.
Similar to, this site provides opportunities for job seekers and employers.
This online recruiting site offers cross-listing possibilities on additional sites.
This job site is an example of locally targeted job-search resources. targets the Boston area.
This site allows online job candidates to search for career opportunities. It employs intelligent agents to scour the Web and return jobs matching the candidate's request.
This site highlights unique job opportunities.

Executive Positions
This is a recruitment site designed for experienced executives.
This career services Web site offers confidential job searches for mid-level professionals. Potential job matches are e-mailed to job candidates.

This site is designed for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking job seekers. In addition to provide resume-posting services, the site enables job seekers to receive matching positions via e-mail. Advice and information services are also available.
This portal site hosts a career center designed to match African American job seekers with job opportunities.
In addition to services for searching for and posting positions, resume-building and up-dating services are also available at this site. The site targets a variety of demographics including African Americans, Asian Americans, people with disabilities, women and Latin Americans.

People with Disabilities
This site represents people with disabilities. The site is large and includes many different resources and information services. A special section is dedicated to job seekers and employers.
This site is designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It also includes a section for job seekers and employers.
This site provides users with a host of links to information resources on career opportunities.
This site includes a section with opportunities for people with disabilities, which can be viewed at
The diversity section of this site provides users with several links to additional resources regarding people with disabilities and employment.
This is the Americans with Disabilities Act home page.
This is the Web site for The Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law.
The Job Accommodation Web site offers consulting services to employers regarding the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.

General Resources
This site provides potential employees with "insider information" on over 3000 companies. In addition, job seekers can search through available positions and post and answer questions on the message board.
Similar to, this site allows visitors to ask questions and receive "insider information" on companies that are hiring.

Free Services
On this site job seekers can fill out a form that indicates their desired field of employment. Job Sleuth™ searches the Internet and returns potential matches to the user's inbox. The service is free.
This site rewards visitors for successful job referrals. If you refer a friend or family member and he or she is hired, you receive a commission.
America's Job Bank is an online recruiting service provided through the Department of Labor and the state employment service. Searching and for posting positions on the site are free.
This free site provides members with 25 MB of storage space for housing documents. XDrive is able to communicate with all browser types and has wireless capabilities.
Similar to, this Web site provides users with 100 MB of storage space. Users can back up, share and organize the information. works on all platforms.

Special Interest
This Web site provides job seekers interested in agricultural positions with online career services.
This career services site is for both employers and job seekers interested in non-profit opportunitites.
This Web site is designed specifically for young professionals and students seeking full-time, part-time and internship positions.
Students seeking internships can search job listings on this site. It also features City Intern, to help new interns become acquainted with a new location.
This site provides college grads and young professionals with less than five years of experience with job opportunities. Additional features help users buy a car or find an apartment.

Online Contracting
This online recruiting site matches outside contractors with companies needing project specialists. Other services provided through eWork include links to online training sites, benefits packages and payment services and online meeting and management resources.
Similar to, eLance matches outside contractors with projects.
Similar to other sites in this category, FreeAgent matches contractors with projects.
This site is designed to match MBAs with contracting opportunities.
This site provides access to technical contracting positions.
This site helps contractors start working for themselves.

Recruiting Services
This site helps employers screen resumes.
This site provides employers with testing services to assess the strengths and weaknesses of prospective employees. This information can be used for better hiring strategies.'s eRecruiter is an application service provider that helps organizations streamline their Web-recruiting process.
Executives can register confidentially at to be considered for senior executive positions. The site connects registered individuals to positions. It also offers career management services.
This site provides employers with end-to-end recruiting solutions.

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