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Information Technology: Inside and Outside

Information Technology: Inside and Outside
First Edition

David Cyganski, John A. Orr
with Richard F. Vaz


Welcome to the Companion Website to accompany Information Technology: Inside and Outside, by David Cyganski, John A. Orr and Richard F. Vaz.

This text addresses the current and future information technology (IT) infrastructure from both the inside (how things work) and the outside (the applications which the IT infrastructure permits). It addresses a need that has arisen from the impact information technology is making on all professions, technical and non-technical. An understanding of the basic principles underlying IT is relevant for students and practitioners in all disciplines today. Covering a broad range of technologies and assuming no formal engineering or computer science background, this book prepares readers to become active practitioners and leaders in the on-going information revolution. Using technology to educate the reader about the technology, the accompanying CD contains links to a set of Java-based virtual laboratory experiments. The integration of Java and Java Script-based applets with the book greatly enhances the presentation of material by allowing the reader to experience the underlying components of information technology in action, rather than merely in description.

It has become increasingly clear that understanding information technology is as significant for professionals in the technology and communication fields as it is for today's engineers. As you are aware, the ASEE Engineering Deans Council strongly urges engineering deans to take responsibility for helping more non-engineering majors on their campuses better understand the importance and relevance of technology in their lives, and seek to better equip those students to progress in an increasingly technological world. This growing impact of information technology is also demonstrated by grants such as the National Science Foundation's new $90 million Information Research Initiative, which is designed to spur fundamental research and innovative applications of IT.

To help you prepare today's students for tomorrow's careers, Prentice Hall is pleased to announce an exciting new text: Information Technology: Inside and Outside by David Cyganski, John A. Orr, and Richard Vaz, all of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. With this text, the authors provide a resource for the growing number of courses that prepare students to take advantage of information technology, in both their studies and their chosen fields.

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