Multiple Choice Questions


The most important strength of a sales promotion is ________


An effective tool for building customer databases is the use of ________


A marketer has a very successful "pull" sales promotion. Why would it be a good idea to also start a "push" sales promotion?


One of sales promotionís primary objectives is ________


Company XYZ has implemented a marketing mix tool which has a short-term time frame, an appeal to rational motives, a primary objective of sales, and a high contribution to profitability. Company XYZ is using which marketing mix tool?


Traditionally, marketers argued that the heavy use of sales promotion ________


A sales promotion with proactive long range objectives tends to accomplish all but which of the following?


Benís Barbeque offered consumers a price reduction on a well known hot dog brand with the purchase of their barbeque sauce. This is an example of a/an ________


Acme manufacturing has decided to try a new reseller promotion technique. Acme has agreed to give the retailer a gift if they buy a specific amount of Acmeís product. Acme is using which type of reseller promotion technique?


Which of the following sales force promotions has a negative image due to hints of bribery?


Five forms of consumer sales promotions are; 1) contests, 2) cash refunds, 3) coupons, 4) samples and 5) premiums. A survey by NCH Promotional Services ranked these five techniques in order of their importance to manufacturers. Put these techniques in the appropriate order from most important to least important.


Bonus packs are a type of ________


ABC Company has decided to incorporate a different consumer sales promotion technique for a particular brand of product. The objective of this technique is to stimulate incremental and trial purchases, and to increase purchases and transactions. The method of distribution may include point of purchase, mass media, cents-off deals, or bonus and banded packs. The technique ABC Company is incorporating is ________


Coupon redemption rates are highly influenced by all of the following except ________


Which of the following industries are the largest users of self-liquidating premiums?

Note: answer choices in this exercise are randomized.

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